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Tanja Braun


I am Tanja and the founder of

Ambassador for FREE TO RUN

As an ultra runner and empowerment coach for women, I often travel the world as a bridge builder between cultures and often combine my running adventures with charity projects.
Facing new challenges, pushing my physical and mental limits again and again, makes me happy. I grow from it every time I have achieved a goal that has been set for me. Putting on running shoes and just running, no matter how far and where, means freedom for me. It is all the more important to me to point out that in many parts of the world this is not something that girls and women take for granted. Exercising, exercising, and knowing your own body is essential to staying healthy physically and mentally.
I run for a world in which at some point it will be possible for all girls and women to live their lives independently and freely and this run with its projects should contribute to that.



2019: 6 marathons in 5 countries - 240km from Leipzig to Berlin for Free to Run - 8h charity run in which I ran the entire 8 hours on a 400-meter track
2020: Marrakech Marathon - 1st Eco Ultra Trail Saudi Arabia - Corona Lockdown Marathon Challenge 7 marathons in 10 days for Tafel Germany - 20 marathons in the 7crun sports series for Free to Run - 100Km solo charity run for Free to Run

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Tuba Lowe


I am Tuba and support Tanja at 


and I am the contact person for all your questions ans sponsors.


Als a mother of a daughter it is very important to me to support girls and women to live out their spiritual freedom.

My extensive international experience in business and living abroad have greatly influenced the way I feel about this.

I am convinced that cultures do not fight each other but enrich each other - this is exactly what I see in this project.


Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions: