Free to Run


There will never be a solution to conflict without the free and full participation of women as equals in society.


Founded by human rights lawyer and ultra runner Stephanie Case, who worked for the UN herself in Afghanistan and other conflict regions, Free to Run in Afghanistan and Iraq supports girls and women in finding physical and mental health through adventure sports.
In the projects they get to know and train their strengths and to take responsibility for themselves and become positive role models for other girls and women and thus change the view of girls and women roles and their position in society.You can find out more about Free To Run here:



Run with a girl in Afghanistan.
With your double ticket you run with or for a girl from Free to Run.
Half of the double ticket price goes 100% into the Free to Run projects.


Project Soar


Empowering teenage girls to become leaders of today and tomorrow.


Founded by an American couple in Morocco, Project Soar supports teenage girls in Morocco and Uganda with their school education and makes them strong and self-confident role models for other girls.
Leadership, training, self-determination and independence are the focus of the projects, because it is often still common in these regions of the world for young girls and young women to be married early and not leave them with a perspective of family and dependence on their husbands.

You can find out more about Project Soar here:

Run with a girl in Marokko.
With your double ticket you run with a girl from Project Soar.
Half of the double ticket price goes 100% into the Project Soar.


Women Rising Foundation


I believe that it is possible to create a world in there all girls and women live their lives in peace and freedom and without fear and violence.


Dependence is one of the most common causes of suffering for many girls and women.
First and foremost is economic dependency.
In many parts of the world it is almost impossible for women to earn their own money and thereby enable themselves and their children to lead an independent life.
They remain dependent on their husbands and their families for life and have no other perspectives or opportunities, even if violence and oppression are part of everyday life.

The Women Rising Foundation helps young girls and women on their way to an economically independent life.

The first step is to create a sustainable running collection by women for women, which is sewn in our own production facility in a project in which the seamstresses receive fair pay and good working conditions.

More information will follow piece by piece.

With your entry fee you support the development of this heart project.

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