I'm Maria Hubmann, the painter at Passionarta. I don't believe in tight, grey boxes people should fit in. I believe in joy and freedom.


And my name is Barbara Klug. I have the exciting task to bring the canvas alive and create beautiful, unique bags out of the colorful fabric. What's needed for that? A sewing machine, a good amount of creativity and of course a lot of color!


Passionarta combines 2 wonderful concepts: Passion & Art.

Both are always present and play an important role in designing and making our hand-made bags.


Passionarta bags remind people all around the globe that we are multi-faceted and alive and encourage them to show ourselves in all our colors. Every color is welcome and has its place.


From the bottom of our heart, brush and sewing needle we desire for you to recognize that your uniqueness matters.


Live your unique colors.


Yours colorfully,

Maria & Barbara



With esembli I have founded a company that supplies the essential set for daily healthy habits!

With smoothie blends made from 100% fruit, vegetables & superfoods, it is my mission to integrate more plant power into modern everyday life with esembli. Because all scientific studies, experts and health gurus agree: Fruits and vegetables are the best we can do for our health.

Instead of highly processed products, smoothie blends are pure fruit & vegetable powders, which only result in a vitamin and fiber-rich smoothie with water. The smoothie blends were a small change that made it easy for me to develop a daily healthy habit for physical well-being without any effort. I wish this for others too, which is why I want to share the smoothie blends with you!

I am really happy to support the Stronger Together Women Run with esembli, because the run embodies exactly the two aspects that have given me the most support in my life: a strong network of women and running.

A strong network of women has supported me all my life and I have noticed how important and beautiful the cohesion and mutual support is! It's great to combine this with running, running has increased my resistance, stamina and physical awareness as a young woman. I look forward to promoting the strengths of us women together and thereby setting an example against violence.



I am Tanja Horst, 47 years old, a holistic optician and owner of a specialist optician shop in Hainburg Hessen / Germany:


Thanks to Tanja Braun, I started running almost 1.5 years ago and I still do it with passion.
Through the support of Tanja and the positive energy that comes with running, I realized that you can achieve anything if you really want to.
The STRONGER-TOGETHER-WOMEN-RUN is a great opportunity to support women internationally and also to send a message:

"Let us women stick together, because together we are stronger."




With full conviction and with all my heart 💚


Hello, my name is Simone Ruckstuhl. I have been a passionate photographer for over 20 years. And this is not just an empty phrase.

In my private life I am the mother of a daughter and Oscar, a Greek street dog has found a home with us.
I have been living in Mannheim for almost 20 years. Honestly? At that time I would never have thought of ever ending up here and staying here. I came because of a great job offer and stayed because Mannheim is unique.
I'm a jack of all trades - sometimes that's more of a curse than a blessing. In addition to photography, I am the initiator and presenter of the Fuckup Night Mannheim, an event that takes place 3-4 times a year and where we give people a stage to talk about their failure.

My love of animals has led me to another project, namely animal photography, which I offer under dogmoves animal photography.

For me, the Stronger Together Women Run is a symbol of strong togetherness. It's important to move forward and do something.
Only then can something be done. It is a wonderful project in which women and their strengths become visible.



Hi, we are Sense of Paris !

Plastic waste and the resulting effects on our earth have been a serious issue for us for years.
The average citizen in the European Union wastes over 30 kilograms of plastic every year. Extrapolated to the whole world, an alarming 10 million tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year, severely damaging vegetation and wildlife. That's more than a full garbage truck load per minute!
That's why we at Sense of Paris have made it our mission to reduce this number. In order to achieve this goal, we support campaigns such as 'The Ocean Cleanup' or 'The Clean Ocean Project' in the fight against plastic waste.
But we wanted to do more than just that. That is why we developed a unique manufacturing process that enables us to produce 100% biodegradable casings that do not have to compromise on quality, design or functionality. Unlike many other biodegradable casings.
Paris is the city of love and we love the world, nature and everything that goes with it. We love what we do and are happy and proud to finally be able to present our cases to you.
All of our products are created for you:
So that you not only have a plastic-free and sustainable cover, but also a stylish one.

Much love, Sense of Paris