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Claudia Maria Henneken 🇩🇪


Hello, I'm Claudia and I live in Cologne. I can't remember a life without sport. No matter if roller figure skating, gymnastics, judo, swimming, tennis or badminton, when I was in school I was always found in the sports club. When I started studying (sports science, of course), I swapped roller skates for inline skates.
From the half marathon to the marathon to the 225km Elfstedentocht, the longer the route, the better my result. At some point I then decided:
I'm running a marathon now.
The problem:
I often had to choose between running and skating.
But nothing is impossible ...
Why not skate first and then run right afterwards?
The Skrunning was born.



1st place Rhine-Ruhr Inline Marathon
3rd place Rhine-Ruhr Marathon 2016
2019 double victory in Bonn:
1st place inline half marathon
1st place Bonn Marathon
Multiple participant at NINJA WARRIOR GERMANY

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Mirjam Heldmann 🇳🇱


Hi, I'm a Mirjam and Ultramarathon Trail runner and prefer to run in nature and events between 50 and 100km. Unfortunately, not all women are able to run for so long and feel free and safe in my training. That's why I share on Myrunspiration my inspiration and what moves me to show that so much more is possible than we imagine.

My dream is to take part in a 24h and a 100Miler. Distances I can't even imagine. My motto is #mindisqueen and in mine I learn a lot about myself.

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Diana Polte 🇩🇪


Hey I'm Diana, I am a passionate athlete, a nature girl and a person of the heart. My passion and intention is to convey fun and ease and that combined with movement and the mindset.

As an IronMan finisher, middle distance triathlete and marathon runner, I know what hard training and iron discipline mean. But today I know even more what the fun, the joy, the certain lightness and also the balance and equilibrium mean in everything we do. I also know today how important it is for our everyday life, for our lives, and ultimately for our fulfillment! And that's why I wear and transport it to the outside world through sport, because it is very important to me to reach as many people as possible with it.

Speaking of concerns that are close to my heart, there are also those children and young people for whom my heart beats especially! I have been involved here as a trainer for many years and as a child and youth coach for the last two years. My mission is that

1. every child grows up non-violent, happy and loved all around,
2. every child is encouraged with all their resources and size at an early stage,
3. Every child is taken care of and cared for through life by a family.


And that's why there will soon be the “School for a Moving Life” ❤.


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Meriem Britiza - Project Soar Morocco 🇲🇦


Meriem Britiza is 19 years old. She is currently in her  2nd baccalaureate year.

For the last 3 years, Meriem has been training every single day, and running a minimum of 3 marathons a month. She was amongst the 100 winners in the national marathon for the last three years.

Last year, Meriem ran a 10 K race. She ranked the third out of 500 participants.

She also participated in three rail 10K marathons, she ranked 1, 2, and 3rd in a row. Today, Meriem ran a 5K marathon within 17 minutes. Meriem’s three ultimate goals are to run 10K sprinting marathons in 34 to 35 minutes, break the Moroccan record in sprinting which is running  3 km in 8 minutes and becoming a famous athlete for sprinting.

She also wants to become  a coach for a Moroccan running club.  

Romana Handler 🇦🇹


Hey, my name is Romana!

If there was one word that describes me, it would be: "Creambitionate" (Creative, Ambitious, Passionate). I have over 10 years of design experience and taught over 1000 fitness classes (most of them "Shake-Your-Ass-Off-Zumba-Style"). Packed in professional titles: Marketing and design professional, ex-Zumba trainer and outdoor adventurer.

My heart beats for (outdoor) adventure and development. In the She’s on Fire Society (that's what I call my community) everything revolves around the topic of “Passionate Entrepreneurship”. I want as many people as possible to turn their passion into a profession - and lead a self-determined, fulfilling life.

A large part of my fulfilled life takes place outdoors! I love all kinds of uphills

(mountain bike, ski touring, mountaineering, climbing ...) - but especially on skis I'm (still) a bit of a shit when it comes to coming down again: Hello, snail's pace!

Over the years I have completed a few half marathons and dirtruns and in 2020 I climbed my first 3000 meter - the Großvenediger. My latest adventure in 2021 was a 100 km march in 24 hours with over 2,500 hm - after almost 70 km and 2000 hm in 16 hours it was over for me at 3 a.m. after 3 hours of pouring rain - an unbelievably great borderline experience!

Growing with new challenges every day and at the same time enjoying life ("not until later, in retirement"), means "TO BE ON FIRE" for me. And I wish that to all of us with all my heart!


Let's be stronger together, let's be ON FIRE! 🔥


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